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Workshops/Conference Speaker

Workshops/Conference Speaker


 Brenda  Torres-Wells CTRS is a 

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist,
with over 25 years of experience.

Technohealer is what she named a Therapeutic Recereation concept that utlizes creative diversity in promoting a better quality of life. 

Her knowledge and skills has been implemented in the development of successful activities for all ages.

Art, music, poetry, exercises, socials, story telling, computer modification, games, custom presentations and workshops etc. 

Has earned her the recognition in the health and educational field as an expert in providing creative and innovative program development, utilizing skills and knowledge in adaptivity to promote creative quality programs  including specialized senior and children's programs.

Workshops/Conference Speaker

Workshops/Conference Speaker

Workshops/Conference Speaker


  Brenda values "community" and learned to become sensitive in listening to the needs and concerns of the people which led her to become an advocate and healer. Her passion to get results and create new possibilities is how Technohealer was created.   

 ”I value what I do, and who I serve in providing programs that promote; cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual stimulation. But more importantly in exploring new creative ways in maintaining or maximizing patient's optimum level of functioning”.   

”True purpose has no limits but acquires a determined visionary to see it through” B.T.W.  

As a visionary she thinks outside the box and contributes towards effective creative healing methods for seniors and youth at various organizations through workshops and Conference presentations including Colleges, Universities, Health Organizations at various states. 

Blog Talk Radio Interview:

Guest, Brenda Torres, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, discusses a powerful new therapy for Alzheimer's patients. The TTAP Method uses a themed centered approach with the therapeutic use of music, guided imagery, painting, movement, sculpture, writing and poetry, ... to reach out to those with Alzheimer's.  There is a proven increase in cognition, social stimulation and overall quality of life in individuals who take part in the TTAP programs.

For more information visit  Transition Aging Parents  and look into the Book" Transitioning your Aging Parent"

by Dale Carter

Innovator/Program Development

Workshops/Conference Speaker

Modified Specialized Computer Programming


An exceptionally talented, creative and result-oriented Director with recognized successful huge work background as a dynamic developer of new initiatives, trends using traditional & non-traditional innovative therapeautic approaches that have earned national recognition and awards.

2011 winning an essay entry for “The Best Long-Term Care Team in the Nation award for CNR.

2012 An Interdiciplinary approach that won the National AMDA “Successful Fall Reduction Initiative”

2013 Winning “The Innovation 2013 LeadingAge Award” A non-pharmacological collaborative Recreation Therapy and Psychology initiative approach decreasing psychotropic meds through emotional shifting using technology for patients suffering with depression & anxiety.

2015 "Innovator of the Year" by Presby's Inspired Life.

Modified Specialized Computer Programming

Modified Specialized Computer Programming

Modified Specialized Computer Programming


Technohealer represents a concept and program developed by Brenda Torres-Wells using creative approaches including  technology for the elderly, youth physically and cognitively challenged in modifying and custom building a computer experience. Coordinating mobile computer units for room bound residents with wireless adapted equipment with special software, I pads, Ipods,virtual experiences that proved to have a true recognized therapeutic method approach.

Her commitment and dedication in the health and education field is well respected as her goal is to continue to explore & set trends by developing successful therapeutic programs that provides cognitive, physical, spiritual, emotional and social stimulation for her clients to promote a better Quality of Life.


TTAP Program Themed designer

Modified Specialized Computer Programming

Certified TimeSlips Facilitator


Brenda uses the TTAP method in some of her program and event development. She became certified with about 17 other Recreation Therapist staff by CNR Center for Nursing and Rehabilitaion CenterLight Health Systems in New York.

" When I create a theme program I take pride in developing more than an experience while incorporating TTAP with sensory, foods, photography,music custom decor etc. to promote cognitive stimulation and foster enhanced social stimulating moments for my clients."

TTAP Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming Method

The TTAP Method systematizes through a themed centered approach the therapeutic use of music, guided imagery, painting, movement, sculpture, writing and poetry, photography, themed events, food and sensory programs.  Research on the TTAP Method® has been published in 3 peer reviewed journals, demonstrating significant positive correlations to increase in cognition, social stimulation and enhance overall quality of life in individuals diagnosed with mild, moderate and advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr.Linda Levine Madori PhD

Stimulating the brains' potential using the TTAP Method.

For the past thirty years Linda Levine Madori, PhD, has worked in the field of Health Care as a therapist, teacher, advisor, researcher, supervisor and innovator of new psychological approach to art, brain and cogniton with regard to well aging and  specifically those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. The TTAP Method is a twelve step approach to structuring the use of the creative arts in therapy. 

The Latest Research Articles

Certified TimeSlips Facilitator

Modified Specialized Computer Programming

Certified TimeSlips Facilitator

About TimeSlips offers an elegantly simple revolution in elder care by infusing creativity into care


TimeSlips offers an elegantly simple revolution in elder care by infusing creativity into care relationships and systems. In a time when we deny aging and isolate our elders, TimeSlips provides hope and improves well-being through creativity and meaningful connection.TimeSlips began in 1998 and became an independent non-profit in 2013. We are based in Milwaukee, WI, and reach the world - with creative facilitators in 42 states and 12 countries. Our creative approaches are used in care communities, museums, libraries, senior centers, and individual homes throughout the world. TimeSlips is evidence-based, award-winning, joyful and person-centered. And you can be too!

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What is a CTRS?

CTRS: The Qualified Provider

A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist® (CTRS) is the qualified professional providing recreational therapy services.The CTRS is a certified recreational therapist who has demonstrated professional competence by acquiring a specific body of knowledge and passing the NCTRC exam. 

The CTRS employs a scope of practice that is based upon theoretical constructs and applied methodology, and addresses a wide range of disabling conditions and illnesses. In practice, CTRSs apply this critical set of competencies and skill toward the total person and the life factors that are associated with a specific disability or illness. 

The CTRS often serves as a member of the treatment team in concert with other healthcare professionals, significantly contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care and service outcomes.

The CTRS designation is the unifying credential for recreational therapists throughout the United States, Canada, and 15 other countries with approximately 16,000 Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (who hold active, inactive, or eligible for re-entry status) in the NCTRC registry.


The Profession of Therapeutic Recreation

The Profession of Therapeutic Recreation

Recreational Therapy has shown tremendous growth and development over the past two decades. The Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist has become the professional standard that exemplifies each professional’s dedication to quality standards and excellence in practice.

Today, the United States Department of Labor projects that there are over 19,000 recreational therapists in the United States. Over 16,000 of these professionals hold active, inactive, or eligible for re-entry status by NCTRC. The CTRS credential is the most professionally advanced credential for the field of therapeutic recreation.

The United States Department of Labor suggests that therapeutic recreation will grow faster in those areas that address the healthcare concerns of older adults. As the demand for the CTRS increases from acute care hospitals to outpatient facilities, day treatment settings and community living situations, the certification of increasing numbers of recreational therapists is expected to enhance the recognition of the important role the CTRS plays in today’s healthcare and human services arena.

The profession has benefited significantly from the credentialing activities and research of NCTRC. The National Job Analysis provides the profession with the most accurate research on current job skills and knowledge required for competent practice in the profession. NCTRC’s position as an international leader in credentialing has brought the profession into the spotlight of related health and human service providers, funders, and advocacy groups.

The individual CTRS practitioner has greater standing in the healthcare and human service arena due to the quality of the therapeutic recreation professional credential and the efforts of NCTRC.


UNSRC SALUS United Nations Staff Recreation Council Well-Being Network Member

Brenda Torres-Wells is a member of UNSRC SALUS United Nations Staff Recreation Council. 

UNSRC Well-Being Network provides the opportunity for expert panels and guests to share their contributions to the world while members network and connect to create possibilities for world peace & change. (Photo taken at the United Nations Meditation Room for PEACE)


 Interviews with Brenda

My Better Nursing Home Interview by Dr. Eleanor Barbara

Resouces to create Long-Term Care Where Everybody Thrives

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD is an accomplished speaker and consultant with over 20 years of experience as a psychologist in long-term care. She’s the award-winning author of The Savvy Resident’s Guide and McKnight’s LTC News column, The World According to Dr. El, and writes extensively on mental health issues in LTC. Dr. El combines her training, clinical involvement, and knowledge of the business of LTC with humor and pragmatism to offer effective solutions to common problems affecting cost and quality of care. Dr. El can teach you how to create long-term care where EVERYONE thrives.

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